Horizon, n.1. line where the earth and sky seem to meet.


Horizon 2013 003

The place where earth and sky seem to meet – the place  only the birds can reach.

“Horizon “

Watercolor, acrylic, collage, beeswax.  I used glued down crumpled paper, a bird’s feather, various gel mediums and texture gels, with a final coating of beeswax, on hand-made water color paper. 6 x 6 inches

September always seems to bring me back to life – I love the summer, but this year it seemed long and I spent a great deal of time staring into space.  Not really knowing what I wanted to do.  I did some sewing and that felt good.  I did some sketching in my sketchbook, a little bit of art journaling, and a lot of staring…Although I did have one lovely week at the Oregon coast with my family and celebrated my oldest birthday to date! haha.

Now September is here and I’ve started these small horizon line paintings which have been on my mind before, but never seemed to really get around to doing.  They are all the same size because I am using pages out of a bound blank journal that has this hand-made heavy water-color paper .

The feathers were a gift from Jan Brattain, Laughing Dog Arts.  Thanks Jan!

Horizon  2013 003

Horizon 2013 002


One more horizon taken on our holiday at the coast.


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  1. These are so lovely, I like the concept. I like the feathers, but I think my favorite is the third one – that sky is so interesting!

  2. oh, wow, olivia!! i love these!! and beeswax! every material comes to life in your hands… these are sure beautiful – and expressive.


  3. Thanks Judee, The third one was the last one I did. I like the sky too, and that small circle with the water peeping through!

  4. Thanks Lynne! You were so right, I love using the beeswax. I never got the melting pot, so I just used the pellets directly on the painting and used the Ranger sealing iron to melt them – it was easy and simple to do. Still plan on getting the melting pot, however, as I would like to add some color to the wax.

  5. They are all exciting but the first one, to me, the feather is emerging out of the sky with a message. That is my first impression and it made me excited to think what the message might be. See what you do for other people’s inspiration. Thank You.

  6. Thank you, Rosemary – I felt the same way about the feather – and although I didn’t think of it as carrying a message – I did think there was some mystery in that small feather hovering above the horizon line.

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