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Sketchbook 2013 006

I have been working sporadically in a thin sketch book – hoping it wouldn’t be so daunting to fill up the pages.  I seem to have lost momentum this year, and have very little to show for myself for 2013.  I can’t say specifically what the problem is, because I honestly don’t know.  Whatever it is, I hope is works itself out soon and I will emerge with a more clear idea of what I want to say in my art.  For now I jump all around and and envy everyone else for their ability to concentrate, to produce, and to know what they want!  Watercolor, charcoal, graphite.

Sketchbook 2013 003

The summer Crow Wars seemed to have calmed down a little with the beginning of autumn.  They fought like crazy all summer, often leaving small caches of feathers beneath my deck.  The sparrows fought with them, the jays fought with them, and the crows fought with vocal curses at one another all through the sky- blue days of summer. Watercolor and graphite.

Sketchbook 2013 004

I don’t know what this is about – just some sadness that came over me one evening and stayed around until I sketched this out. Charcoal and watercolor.

Sketchbook 2013 001

The Fawn’s Child.  Pastel, oil pastel, graphite.  Sometime I try to imagine what it would be like to live outside all the time.  To know the darkness as well as I know the circles of cast light in my house.  To know time through the seasons of the earth.  It seems so magical, so impossible with all our contrived conveniences and measured time.  But still, I can imagine a great unknown forest with creatures defined by that space.


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  1. Those are really beautiful. I love the thoughtfulness in their faces. Thank you, Cyndi (oh, and I also have the crow wars going on at my house)

  2. Thanks, Cyndi. I’ve never seen so much fighting among the crows as we’ve had this year!

  3. Your work is always inspirational. You put in some kind of magic and intrigue into each piece. May I suggest not to fret over what is happening in your creativity. Look at it this way. Your creative soul is bubbling around with its own ideas, wait, trust and just let you soul experiment. It will all happen. A new way may develop but one thing I know is, you will never lose your gift. Play, play, play .

  4. Thanks Rosemary. I wish I could just let it happen, but when I go through months of not doing anything, I get kind of fretful! haha. It is difficult to give myself permission to play and not worry about productivity. I always think I am wasting time if I don’t produce, although I painted pictures only in my head for years and years – now I think I’ve wasted so much time, I must produce.

  5. Trust me, we cannot get rid of our creativity and productivity if we tried, you are born to do what you do. 2013 may be just a rest period for an amazing 2014. What you are doing in your sketchbook is beautiful seeking and finding. Trust yourself. The ,Fawn’s Child and your writings are magic.

  6. Rosemary, I’ve been thinking about what you said earlier and I feel a subtle shifting of my self-imposed obsession to produce. Thank you so much for giving me a little shove in an less demanding direction! Perhaps the year of 2014 will be the year of not second guessing!

  7. Thank you for sharing these, sorry it took me so long to drop by. What a pleasure now that I have! Your work is always such a delight, not only to my eyes, but on a deeper level. You capture something magical in everything you do. Be patient with yourself, art is not so much about production as it is about expression, and whatever you express always comes out inspiring. Remember that old adage, quality, not quantity? It applies to your art, too.The best art is that which arises spontaneously, from the soul’s need to find a voice. Never force, always allow.

  8. Thanks Judee, Good words to remember! I am trying to take these sentiments to heart and just allow what will happen. Thank you.

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