Studio Redo 2014

Studio Redo 2014

Studio redo 2014 005

I hung some small branches with fairy lights over the window to brighten the Portland winter days before spring arrives.  You can see I stuck some stars in here and there!

I have a compulsion to clean up my studio about once a year (should probably happen more often) but once a year I take everything down and move everything out, dust the corners, wash all surfaces, put a plant in the window which will be dead by March because I forget about it, and voila a fresh studio for the year!

This year I chucked my old scarred kitchen table for a new (old) utility table, one of those heavy old things with metal folding legs, seen in school cafeterias, business back rooms, convention centers – you know – any place functionality trumps  style!  Well I found one on  craig’slist and brought it home with assistance from my architect son-in-law, who also told me about drafting table coverings! So I purchased a lovely smooth cover for from Amazon.  Now its the perfect work table!

Isn’t the top amazing!Studio Redo 2014 003 (2)Now I have no excuse not to get some art done!

My Junk wall – can’t seem to get away from all my scraps and found items – but I really did clean it up – and its now on one wall only!  As soon as I figure out how to make the printer wireless it will go on one of these shelves!

I have only a small extra bedroom for a studio – but it seems grand to me!

Studio redo 2014 003

I’ve room for my easel now since I moved the table to the opposite wall.  I used to drag the easel into the kitchen, but I was always running back and forth for supplies.  This is much more practical.

Studio redo 2014 005 (2)

The computer table got a bit of the cover from the work table too.  You can see the edge of the easel.  Also the plant in the window!

Now it looks so nice – its like a nice big sheet of clean white paper – I don’t want to mess it up, but I will and it will get messier and messier as the year progresses!
























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  1. aloha Olivia. you are still one of my favorite artists. and i didnt even know i had favorites.

    happiness new year on you all year long for all the years to come.

    you are way ahead of me on the studio clean out. i gave up. i just know where things are.

    way cool on the table score. and the cover too. at this point i’d consider butcher paper. a roll. to even place over the cover (which looks great) under each work you do on the table (that’s just me tho).

    fun on creating. and laughter too. aloha. rick

  2. Hi Rick, Thank you! The butcher paper is a GREAT idea! I was just thinking I would definitely need a cover on the cover! I love working on brown paper, so that is the best solution – we think alike! Happiness in the new year for you too! Olivia

  3. yes. exactly. a cover for the cover. i do that with my drawing tables. a cover. then the paper over that. if i fix it down i may then even lay a single sheet down under a painting or book i’m working on.

    i bought a roll of butcher paper years ago and as i’ve work small for years it has lasted well. i use the same sheets over and over when they dry.

    it was white tho. and i thought i’d prefer the brown. after a while tho, i got to preferring the white. i even take photos or scan it or sections of it, after it’s collected great colors and textures and markings and tests and then make photograph bits that i can collage into paintings. way fun on that because the photo-bits are archival. (and you know me on that issue i think. when possible i try to go archival unless there is a good reason other wise).

    way fun on creativeness in the new year on you too. aloha.

  4. I love seeing people’s work spaces, especially creative people! You have such a perfect space here, with everything on hand. I love the pain brushes on the window sill, it’s almost like art bouquets. 🙂

    Have a wonderful 2014, Olivia, all the best to you and yours.

  5. Thanks Judee. I love that paint brush bouquets! I love seeing other people’s work spaces too – its always inspiring! Happiness for 2014 to you too!

  6. Hi Rick – I have white butcher paper, bought it forever ago – its lasted well too. I never thought about using the same sheets over and over – but that’s a great idea too, wonderful fodder for collage!

  7. exactly. i like what happens to that paper over time. i keep the dried sheets in stacks (sometimes i work on 6-12 paintings at a time going from one to the next—or i have in the past). over time that paper develops a patina that is hard to duplicate in any other way. way fun to use it in new work and start with more fresh table cover paper. ha. fun on again. aloha.

  8. I love your space 🙂
    We have a tiny home, so my art supplies tend to take over really quickly – I’ve already had to do two cleanups this year already…lol

  9. You’ve got a very nice studio space — manageable and neat. It’s so hard to keep a studio space clean, so you deserve applause for these efforts!

  10. Thanks, Jane. I seem to have “stations” all over the house where I do different things!

  11. Thanks, Cindy. It won’t stay clean once I begin a new project! I just really clean it up once a year!

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