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Sacred Life of Trees 2014 003

I have been creating patterns on fabric with rust.  I mostly used steel wool in a half and half solution of apple cider vinegar and water.  Before the steel wool fully rusted I dipped the linen into the solution and got the lovely soft gray color.  Then I lay a piece of the steel wool on it to create the subtle color change.  After the steel wool rusted I took out pieces of it and lay it on the wet muslin after a few hours the patterns shown are the result! I’m using the rusted pieces of muslin and linen for the pages of a handmade book.  Gluing them down to folded heavy watercolor paper to create signatures for a handmade book.  I intend to incorporate the rust patterns into the pages, although that didn’t happen below.

Sacred Life of Trees 2014 002

This is one of the pages I’ve created for my book, I’m calling it “The Sacred Life of Trees.”  Using watercolor, oil pastel, pen and ink for 12 original drawings depicting the spirit that humans have given to trees through folklore, religion, and daily life.  The letter “A” is painted in bright gold paint.  I like the kind of medieval look of the gold paint – kind of like an illustrated manuscript. This is my first page so I may discard and have a “do-over.” haha

I’m creating the book for the book arts exhibit at the Illahe Gallery in Ashland, Oregon in April for their Fifth Annual Artist Books Invitational and Printmakers; Also, the “Community Press” work by community members. First Friday Art Walk April 4, 5:00 to 8:00 PM


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  1. I love how your creative mind works. This page is such a beautiful work! I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t include it in the book, unless you are wanting more rust on all the pages. If you don’t use it in the book, it is worthy of framing on it’s own. I’m sure the gallery exhibit will be a huge success! Hope you find time to post more here, I love seeing what you do. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Judee. I will post more as I work on each page. Hope to have 12 drawings in all!

  3. No, I haven’t made a copy of it. Thank you for the compliment, though. I’ve not been making much art in the last couple of years, it is my intention to begin again once we are past the holidays. I am going to research about making copies of small works and drawings, etc. If I do make some copies I will let you know about it. Thank you again!

  4. Please do. Do you still have the Apple original? please feel free to email me your reply.

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