Sketches and Spring


February 2014 006

 Yesterday!   From my front door, looking up!

February 2015 001

I’ve been sketching in a little book I’ve made myself.  The pages are long and narrow 11.5×4.5 inches.  I’ve been trying to fit the sketch onto the page and making the subject matter long and narrow too.

February 2015 006

Then I started thinking of the old classic film, The “Children of Theatre Street” filmed in Russia about 1950 something or very early 60’s about the Vaganova school of ballet. I decided to make my figures beginning ballerinas!  I don’t have the film anymore, wish I did!

February 2015 010

Double page with two ballerinas.  The one on the right I sketched her head on my work table cover paper several months ago.  I cut it out and glued it on the page and added the little body.


February 2015 008

This one must have decided to forego ballet class and explore the outdoors!

February 2015 007

This one may be a grown up ballerina — but I copied her face from a fashion magazine — so she’s actually a model.  I like to sketch from magazine photos – its so easy to see where the shading goes!


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  1. It is always so refreshing to see new art from you! Your characters have a life of their own, something intangible that I find hard to pinpoint, but it makes each one unique and special. Lovely!

  2. Hi Lesley, Thanks for your nice comments. I thought I had responded to your comment but I don’t see it here so I guess I didn’t! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I visited your website and love, love, love your art. Its beautiful! Thank you!

  3. HI there! So good to see you posting! I’m visiting from Seth’s Art Blog Directory.. 🙂 I hope your grey days brighten up soon! Hugs! deb

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