Recycled Teabag Art


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 Each portrait is painted on a 2.5″ x 2.5″ recycled teabag.  Watercolor, Inktense pencils, Acrylics, graphite.  In the process, I forgot I was brewing some new teabags  and nearly started a kitchen disaster!  The teabags became one with the pan, and the pan was lost!


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  1. Love these Ms Olivia!!! ❤ I think my favorite is the little brunette with daisies in her hair. I don't know how you all do it painting on such a tiny space! I have done a few ACEO cards and it is a challenge! But tea bags are smaller! The tea bag is on my to do list one do, but that is pushing me to the limit, LOL! I like some room to move! 😉

  2. Thank you Rose! The teabags take quite a lot of time to paint them, even though they are small! The surface isn’t smooth, so you get some lumps or wrinkles which can be frustrating. My next batch I intend to iron after I remove the tea, and see if that helps! I’m sure you should give it a try – it is kind of fun to step back and see what you have created in such a tiny space!

  3. Thank you and I will give it a go in the future AND iron, them! I am certain I do not need any lumps or bumps in such a small space, LOL! They are so cute- and it seems like such a great way to reuse items into our art! ❤

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