Winter’s Over and Now May Rest!


Winter's Rest“Winter’s Rest” acrylic,oil pastel, graphite on Strathmore mixed media journal page.

I don’t really like the paper used in this so called “mixed media” journal, but I feel I should use it up rather than waste it!  It seems to be a bristol board type paper, very smooth and kind of slick.  I used white gesso as a first coat then added some color then I went over the color with black gesso blotting it off to create more texture.  Then I sketched in the face and painted with acrylic and oil pastel over the acrylic.

I am happy that winter has mostly ended for Portland.  Flowers are beginning to bloom, the trees are leafed and many are in bloom!  I love the flowers!


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  1. Nothing is prettier than spring in the PNW! I am a native Washingtonian–and when I went back to visit my girl and grand babies in Seattle not long ago, the rhodies were just starting to blossom, daffodils nodding their yellow heads and somewhere a daphne was overpowering the air with her intoxicating fragrance –I believe to try to lure me back!!
    I have a hardbound Strathmore mixed media journal I care nothing for. I believe I am going to gift to my daughter– she is not fussy (And for that matter I have some Canson paper she can have too!) I do adore Strathmores watercolor journal however, as for me it works the best!
    ‘Winters Rest’ is perfect. Her gaze…
    Best to you! Rose

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