IMG_0141Hand stitched wall hanging from my “Sacred Life” series.  6 x 9 inches, antique silk, vintage charms, vintage crochet lace and handkerchief.  Hands from wire doll hanger.




“Sacred Life” series.  A little hand stitched wall hanging.  I used very old silk and scraps of rayon and cotton.  The bigger blue leaf is a vintage velvet creation that I’ve saved for years.  I used a pretty blue and copper raku bead at the bottom and a little twig at the top.  I embroidered the tree names in gaelic and english. 2011.

A small wall hanging  8×3 inches using red sari ribbon, vintage purple velvet, a found earring, and a twig to hang it from with a piece of hand-dyed twine. 2012.

One of my “Tattered Gatsby” creations, made from scraps of vintage hankies, muslin paint cloth, pieces of silk. About 8 inches, hanging from a dolls hanger. 2011.

These were the first “Tattered Gatsby” creations.  Made with vintage and tattered scraps of fabric, crochet, silk, charms. 2010.

Handstitched  wall hanging in shades of pink, using pieces of vintage silk, crochet scraps, vintage calico, silk ribbon,piece of antique sari, embroidery, hand-dyed backing. an antique teapot shaped button, and a large handmade bead. 5×9 inches.  Antique doll hanger used to hang from. 2011

  “Tattered Gatsby” frock, hand-pieced with scraps of silk, an antique pearl button, silk ribbon.  Dress in forground about six inches, dress in background about eight inches. They look like some magical faerie dresses getting aired out in the trees, before a big evening Faerie Festival! 2011.

IMG_0147Tattered Gatsby afternoon dress wall hanging.  Vintage fabric, crochet snips, silk ribbon and a row of very vintage velvet flowers above the flounce!



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  1. Love these hangings. I like that you’ve laid one on a sheet of newspaper with the columns verticalised to match. A conscious choice? They reminded me that I saw some wine bottles in a Chinese restaurant window the other day, ‘dressed’ with miniature kimonos. Thought I might ‘dress’ some vintage bottles of various sizes. Ann

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! On the little wall hanging dresses – I think I lay the newspaper on my work table for a clean surface to make the photograph – whether I lined up the vertical lines or not, I don’t know! But I may have liked the way it looked for reasons I was unaware of! haha. Anyway, Thank you.

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