My Paper Stack — Visit Seth Apter at see why!


Seth Apter had a fun idea of everyone posting a photo of their paper stack on their blog today!  We all love paper and it isn’t easy to find places to store it all, so it sometimes stacks up!  Here is my stack, which includes journals, sketch books and other paper I can’t part with.  Looking at it now I think I need to find an organized system to store most of this stuff!

Here you can see some of the backs of journals wedged into the paper stack.

Some discarded book bindings – I do plan to use them, eventually, no, really!

Top of the stack, current journal with yardstick in the background – measuring 23 inches tall – that’s way too much disorganization for me!  I am painting an old dresser as we speak to put this stuff, the dust bunnies love,  away!

Newly painted drawers for the paper stack! ! 


Very square and plain – but now its pretty turqoise – not as blue as it looks in the photos.

Once I started painting, I couldn’t quit!  I kept looking for more things to paint.  A couple of stars, a couple of chairs and..

a small thrift store bookcase to go on top of the newly painted chest!  I used two colors for this piece! Lots of new storage now!  Thanks, Seth, I needed a push to get this done!  And thanks for always coming up with new ideas for us art bloggers!


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  1. Love all the different ingredients in your stack and how cool that you measured it! Maybe we can all see an after picture of your books and journals organized in your newly painted bookcase.

  2. Gee, if you’re always looking for things to paint, come over to my house- always have things needing painting. Wonderful stacks and love the furniture you’re completing for your stacks!

  3. love the variety in your stacks~i painted a chest not long ago, then papered it w/old book pages.

  4. Don’t make your lovely ‘stack’ toooo tidy, then it won’t be a creative stack. Everything looks all fresh and exciting though. Happy stacking

  5. aloha Olivia – cool stack. cool painting on intriguing furniture.

    if i showed my stacks… heck i might as well just photograph my studio. bwahahaha – and organized? only in my skull through the memory channel. …which functions well for me but that’s just a place i go.

    oh. and. – i like the background and header on the blog – rich. you have been busy. way cool. aloha.

  6. Fabulous stack! And I love that you measured it with a yard stick! I like your newly-painted furniture, especially that darling bookcase in the last photo. I have a VERY similar bookcase in my dining room, in great need of some TLC. You may have inspired me to give it a fresh coat of paint!

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