A Summer Garden, a Birthday, Something Old, and Rust!


July 2013 008

I haven’t been working on art this month – mostly just playing in the “garden” and organizing things.  The “garden” has bloomed beautifully with summer coming so early to Portland this year.  I’m using quotes around the word “garden because I have only a deck and a lot of pots for my garden!

July 2013 004Here’s one of Mary of the Roses – she’s gotten a little faded this year and now both of her hands have broken, so she stands behind the roses, serene and beautiful.


This girl had a birthday on the 3rd, my dancer daughter, Cait.

1002443_10201406342105175_627311788_nShe and her husband celebrated her birthday in Hawaii this year.  When Cait was born my mother found her so beautiful and perfect, she said, “Oh I wish I could have another baby.”  Which made us all laugh, but set me to thinking about her statement!

The following year remembering  what she had said I decided to make my mother a doll for her Christmas gift.  A life- sized baby doll, just like Cait.  I came across these old Instamatic photos recently and thought I would share them for a laugh!


I had no idea what I was doing.  I just went out and bought some stuff called “Sculpy,” a new product that you could sculpt and bake in the oven or air dry and paint.  I don’t think it was meant for large projects, but more as a way to make small figurines, or jewelry parts. I had bigger ideas! I made the head and even though it wasn’t exactly solid, it weighed a ton.  I thought it might grow less heavy as it dried – but not so much.

scan0002The arms and legs were fairly easy, and I hollowed them out pretty well.  I was very disappointed as I recall, because I couldn’t achieve a porcelain looking finish with the acrylics I used to paint it with.  Also I couldn’t get the surface smooth enough – I didn’t know I could sand the stuff.  (no internet to research the answers back then)

scan0003Painting the face is when I really began to despair.  It really didn’t look too bad before I painted it.

scan0004Don’t laugh!!!  They say its the thought that counts, right? – and that’s what I kept telling myself, determined to finish the thing now.  I made it a stuffed body so it would feel cuddly (ha).  I can’t imagine what it would have weighed if I’d sculpted the whole thing! Of course my mother thought it was wonderful and carried the thing around all evening.  It weighed as much as a real baby, and the head was very floppy because it weighed so much and I couldn’t figure out a way to attach it so it didn’t flop!  But it was fun, and now a memory I always recall on Cait’s birthday.

Rust 003This is my new batch of rusty things I just got them yesterday from Etsy.  Yes.  I am rust deprived and have to resort to purchasing my rust!  I have two more packages coming – I can hardly wait!  The hammer to the left of the photo is the cutest little thing. Its a claw head hammer about 8 or 9 inches long.  The handle is wooden, and the head is metal, rusty, of course!


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  1. Flowers stunning, daughter stunning and story of the doll is adorable. My eldest daughter (now 42) wanted a teddy bear when she was 4. I began knitting from a pattern in a magazine with scraps of wool. I started with the head and it seemed quite large…as a matter of fact…very large but I continued on. The teddy bear ended up a mammoth creature with a cute face, twice the size of my daughter. She love him and slept with him until she grew and they both couldn’t fit in the bed together. Today, at 42, she still has her ‘Sidney’ albeit rather mottley but well loved by her children. Thank you for sharing your story as it reminded me of mine.

  2. That is a great story, Rosemary! So much of our memories are from our children; the things they did, or thought, or brought about in someway. I can’t imagine a life without the children!

  3. good grief, olivia! the doll is stunning! everything you do is wonderful, it really is… and your daughter is gorgeous! even your rust is super cool!! definitely worth buying…


  4. Oh Lynne – you make me smile- big! Thank you! I love the rust. I’m waiting for two more packages to arrive. So exciting to have rust, haha!

  5. It is always such a pleasure to come here! Your daughter truly is lovely, and what a wonderful photo of leaping in dance, it makes me want to learn to fly! I think the baby doll is the most precious thing! She has such a sweet face, and to think she is unique in this world, not some mass produced thing. I think that was such a precious gift from a mom to her new daughter. Oh,a nd I can’t wait to see what you will do with your rust! 😉 I hope this time next year I have a lovely garden like yours, too. Am still in the process of unpacking from a major move, but I have a lovely large balcony, so next year for sure I want flowers out there! It’s inspiring to see what can be put in a small space. 🙂 Thanks again for a lovely visit, it always inspires me to come here. 🙂

  6. Thanks Judee, I’m glad you came to visit. Gardening is so easy in pots – no back breaking weeding! Just plant and water and watch them grow! I do love flowers!

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