Muse flees to warmer clime . . .



After all the Christmas rush to get my handmade gifts completed, I can’t seem to get going again.  I am stuck – and although I have lots of ideas, Idon’t know where to begin.  I’ve been working 50 plus hours a week at my mundane job, so that probably has something to do with it, and its cold upstairs where the studio is because even though I’ve been told that heat rises, it never seems to bother coming upstairs in this house, which is fine for sleeping, but not so fine for creating. And then I find myself all huddled up and trying not to shiver, and bundled up looking like an 18th century rag picker with all manner of clothing layered, tied and knotted so that the dog eyes me suspiciously and scurries out of the way to carefully watch my next move!  It doesn’t take much figuring out that the best thing to do is just jump into the bed, which is only across the hall, and warm.  So another night of creativity lost  to the winter night.  I noticed the moon last night was deep gold and just a silly eyeless grin….it isn’t funny!


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  1. Hi Olivia– this is a beautiful page. I just did a post on bird art that you might enjoy and I’m adding a link here so others can enjoy your work as well. Come see!

    I’m so glad that you are back doing art after such a long break.

    I also live in Oregon (on the coast) and even though the days are sunny now our studio is often chilly. I love using a space heater and for me it makes the difference being able to work or not.

    Stay warm!


  2. Thank you Kerin, I have been thinking about birds a lot this winter. I think the fact that they can fly creates a certain romance and mystery in the human mind – I would like to experiment with that thought using mixed media. Thank you for visiting my site!

  3. I feel guilty complaining about the cold here in Florida. Though they are saying it will be 19 here tomorrow…that is rare here! :O

    I like this piece very much! I have been painting, because I have some deadlines..but I understand what you mean about the cold. I am usually outside a lot, but being the warm weather person I am I only go out when I have to take the dogs out! I’ve found it a wonderful time for good music, hot coffee or tea, and revisiting some of my art old friends they are.

    Kerin’s idea is a good one. I have an electric space heater in my studio is a perfect application. It is on wheels and easy to move around. If you want to know more about it just email me.

    I need to take a peek at our dear moon tonight. I’ve not been out to enjoy her as of late.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your work for I know you will be can you not?

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