Basic Pencil Moves on Newsprint


“Girl Wearing a Funny Hat and Holding a Dog”  Pencil drawing on newsprint 12 x 15 inches.

FullSizeRender (2)

Learning to draw is sometimes a slow process and every pencil mark has to land in just the right place and area to bring about the image we are seeking to create!  Surprises happen along with disappointments.  The surprising thing for me was that I find I actually like to draw.  I very much enjoy the process of making marks that add up to a finished portrait – even if it is an inadequate portrait!  The girl child above seems to be telling me a story, yet I haven’t understood exactly what it is she is saying.  I was too involved with myself and pleased that I actually drew a dogs ear that didn’t look like something God had forgotten to finish.  Having never drawn a dog before, I am anxious to try more.




This is the entire drawing.  Its done on newsprint so could not handle a lot of erasing, which I seem to be someone who is anxious to erase almost before I even begin. (I’m working on that too.)  Actually there are a lot of things to keep in mind when learning to draw – it doesn’t always just draw itself into a clever portrait.



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  1. I love watching this journe you are on! Your pictures always invoke the imagination, they inspire me with wonder of the story they tell. The story can vary depending on who is looking, but the story is there nonetheless, forming along with each pencil stroke. Always a pleasure to see!

  2. I adore this little portrait! And the dog from his head to the expression on his face to his ears to his tail- look excellent to me! Strong work. If we do not continue to practice and flow with the journey we will never know where it will take us. Thank you for your inspiration this day! Rose ❤

  3. Thanks, Judee! You have been a quiet and abiding supporter of my journey. I often wonder what stories will form in the minds of those who view my art, and you are right, there is always a story!

  4. You remind me of my younger days when I use to sketch with pencils only.

    I would love to see you making a complete drawing with water colour and all other drawing tools.

    I’m sure it will but nothing short of spectacular. 🙂

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